Welcome to KLEVVY

Founded by Walter Webb in 1985 with an emphases on inventing. We’ve been assisting individuals and businesses turning ideas and concepts into successful products for over 35 years. We’re a “One-Stop Shop” for product development and manufacturing. This includes prototyping, post process services, sourcing, mobile QC services, product certification and testing, patents etc… we cover everything. Our product design experience spans over a broad range of industries including aerospace, automotive, military, medical, pet products, toys, photography and film making equipment, music and sound devices and many other various consumer goods. if you are a solo inventor or a fortune 500 company, Klevvy removes all the barriers to creating and delivering a great product.

Original concepts to reality.

We believe in coming up with innovative ideas and turning them into actual products.

We are relentless in moving boundaries and carry out this spirited attitude into solutions. Our solutions that engage, inspire and make you think. Make you curious.

Taking on thought-provoking projects that challenge us creatively and make us go the extra mile is what we consider a way of life.

Walter Webb


  • Product Development
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Rocket Science
  • Logistics